Run 2 Clean 2017

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KIB organized second edition of “Run to Clean 2017” in partnership with NDMC, which is the municipal council of the city of New Delhi, and its area comprises of the territory that has been described as Lutyen’s Delhi. 

Community Participation was the theme of this cleanliness drive and volunteers from many NGOs, runners/fitness freaks from all over Delhi & students from many schools and universities participated in this event. To start with, it seemed like a lazy morning at 6 am but by 6:45 am around 1500 participants gathered to run for a cause…Run to keep their surroundings clean because there is no other planet to run to. Soon that beautiful morning got filled with lots of positivity and awesome energy levels as we witness during a rock concert. 

It all started with a very interesting street play on cleanliness which pricked everyone’s conscious regarding keeping their surroundings clean apart from making everyone laugh so much because of humourous sarcasm. After that “CrossFit Robust” team came up with an interesting workout which made everyone huffing and puffing and realizing why CrossFit is considered so tough in fitness parlours. Now it was time for running, taking loops of inner circle of Connaught Place which was out of bound for vehicular traffic during the duration of the event. At the end came the most important part…Cleanliness Drive. All the participants wore biodegradable garbage backpacks and gloves, and started cleaning the running path and in no time all the inner circle area got cleaned with loads of trash in garbage bags. After the cleaning process was complete, all the participants dumped the garbage in a near by dump yard. The garbage bag packs, were saved for re-usage. Interns of KIB and students were honoured with medals at the end of the event.