About Us

About Us

Making Nation Greener & Cleaner Together

A national nonprofit, Keep India Beautiful strives towards inspiring and educating people for keeping our communities clean and beautiful. Cleanliness, Tackling litter, waste minimization, and recycling are huge issues in our otherwise wonderful country India. Keep India Beautiful provides expertise, programs, and resources to realize the dream of “a clean, green, and healthy India”.  

Projects are inspired, supported, and endorsed by the community. Keep India Beautiful provides support to all those communities that want to see a change in their health and environment. The role of Keep India Beautiful is to work at ground level with people to facilitate the growth of Clean, Green & Healthy communities all over India.

A Clean, Green, Healthy India in Mind, Body, and Soul is not only our future but our children’s as well as we are the guardians of their future. A healthy community is measured by neat & beautiful public places, clean air & water, nature in abundance, and a sustainable lifestyle. It is the goal of Keep India Beautiful to work towards the creation of Sustainable Communities Pan India level.

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We all look at nature as part of the big environment, ecology and ecosystems that exists in this universe. However what we do not often see or realize that we have our very own environment, ecology and ecosystems wherever we are active. It could be our home, work place, school/college, places of recreation, roads, mountains, coastlines and all those places where our involvement is there and they become our universe, no less and no more than big universe of which everyone is part of. 

It is everyone’s right to have clean air, clear rivers, abundance of trees, organic fruits and vegetables including all animals and species. Along with this right is the obligation to do what is right, how to protect and preserve this very environment that is essential for our survival. We all have been given rights as per the constitution of India. When one is given rights, there is also an underlying requirement of the duty, responsibilities and respect for where those rights have come from and where they shall take us in the future.

It is said that there are more acts of charity in one square kilometer in India than in any other part of the world.

But Charity doesn’t always mean giving money, food or helping those who are in need. Charity is also about respecting and not doing those things that would decay our land, environment, ecology and ecosystem. 

How we live matters. Keep India Beautiful works at the ground level and help people understand that what’s good for the environment is good for the mankind, our nation, our family and us. To start with we focus on cleaning litter, waste minimization, recycling and beautification of public places. 

But we are very new and your support is crucial for Keep India Beautiful movement and its survival. Let us join hands in respecting our neighbourhood as this directly impacts well being of our family and the kind of life our future generations would inherit from us.

Keep India Beautiful!