A national nonprofit, Keep India Beautiful strives towards inspiring and educating people for keeping our communities clean and beautiful. Cleanliness, Tackling litter, waste minimization and recycling are huge issues in our otherwise wonderful country India. Keep India Beautiful provides expertise, programs and resources to realize the dream of “a clean, green and healthy India”.

Projects are inspired, supported and endorsed by the community. Keep India Beautiful provides support to all those communities that want to see a change in their health and environment. The role of Keep India Beautiful is to work at ground level with people to facilitate the growth of Clean, Green & Healthy communities all over India.

A Clean, Green, Healthy India in Mind, Body and Soul is not only our future but of our children’s as well as we are the guardians of their future. A healthy community is measured by neat & beautiful public places, clean air & water, nature in abundance and a sustainable lifestyle. It is the goal of Keep India Beautiful to work towards the creation of Sustainable Communities pan India level.

Keep India Beautiful has a clear vision and plans for augmenting its Board with eminent experts from different streams related to cleanliness and environmental issues.

Our Projects

Purpose of this program is to reduce/clean litter and improve the beauty and quality of environment. Plantation of tree samplings and placement of dustbins would be an essential part of the campaign.

The purpose of Keep India Beautiful is to lead, challenge and inspire people from all walks of life to strive for a sustainable and litter free environment. What better way it would be than to inculcate and imbibe the concept of environment protection and improvement in School and University students who are future decision makers and responsible for healthy environment by their daily actions.

Our planet is being constantly recycled since millions of years. As responsible people we need to play our part and organise our daily waste so that it can be disposed of in a better way without causing pollution and making our world untidy and unhealthy.

Waste Collected (In Tonnes)


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