ESIC Cleanliness Drive 2018

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“Keep India Beautiful” in association with “ESIC – Regional Office (New Delhi)” celebrated “Gandhi Jayanti” 2018 with special emphasis on plastic recycling and reducing plastic pollution. Around 200 Kilograms of plastic trash was collected which was handed over to a Recycling Agency #GreenEcoCare which will get it converted back into raw materials to be used for creating new products.

Community Participation was the theme of this drive against “Plastic Trash” and more than 150 volunteers marched carrying biodegradable garbage backpacks and gloves, picking plastic litter from Rajendra Bhawan, Rajendra Place (back side). It was so heartening to see many shopkeepers and people working in adjoining offices joining our drive and picking plastic trash from the surroundings.

Objective of this drive was to raise awareness for conserving energy & natural resources, reducing plastic pollution & greenhouse gases and not over burdening landfills as it takes hundreds of years for plastic to get decomposed in landfills.

We also installed 4 Dustbins for collecting dry and wet trash in the surroundings and a recycling agency will collect and recycle the same on regular basis. A team of Theatre Artists #Parikalpna performed a very interesting Street Play on Evils of Plastic Trash during the event.

This was a free-for-all event for spreading awareness regarding Evils of Plastic Trash. Hydration and Snacks were provided to participants after the event.