Gandhi Jayanti – 1st Oct 2018
“Keep India Beautiful” in association with “ESIC – Regional Office (New Delhi)” celebrates “Gandhi Jayanti” with special emphasis on plastic recycling and reducing plastic pollution. All the collected plastic litter will be handed over to a Recycling Agency which will get it converted back into raw materials to be used for creating new products.
  • Event ScheduleOct 01, 2018 at 10:00 AM to Oct 01, 2018 at 11:30 PM
  • LocationESI Corporation, DDA Complex,Rajendra Place,RajendraBhawan, New Delhi-110008
Price:from INR

Gandhi Ji said, “Everybody must be his own scavenger. So long as you do not take the broom and bucket in your hands, you cannot make your town and cities clean.” What could be a better tribute to Mahatama Gandhi on his birth anniversary than to become responsible and clean our surroundings!

We, at Keep India Beautiful and ESIC, believe that if given a chance, every person has the ability and inclination to bring about a positive change to better our surroundings. Let’s spread this Awareness…spread Cleanliness…Join us!

Community Participation will be the theme of this drive against “Plastic Trash” and volunteers will be marching carrying biodegradable garbage backpacks and gloves, picking plastic litter from their surroundings. Objective of this drive is to raise awareness for conserving energy & natural resources, reducing plastic pollution & greenhouse gases and not over burdening landfills as it takes hundreds of years for plastic to get decomposed in landfills.

We would also install 4 big Dustbins for collecting plastic trash in the surroundings and a recycling agency will collect and recycle the same on regular basis.

Also, a team of Theatre Artists will perform a very interesting Street Play on Evils of Plastic Trash during the event.

P.S. – This is a free-for-all event for spreading awareness regarding Evils of Plastic Trash. Hydration and fruits shall be made available during the event.



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