Do we care for Sustainable Climate?

“When the last TREE is cut, the last RIVER poisoned and the last FISH dead, we’ll discover that we can’t eat MONEY”  - Greenpeace

“When the last TREE is cut, the last RIVER poisoned and the last FISH dead, we’ll discover that we can’t eat MONEY”  – Greenpeace

Sclimate2The only permanent thing is change. Change is inevitable. The Earth is also not an exception. The change by climate change on earth is continuous change process. Climate change is a real and urgent challenge that is already affecting people and the environment worldwide. Significant changes are occurring on Earth, including increasing air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising sea levels. Climate change is generally due to various natural factors like fluctuation in solar radiation or large dust clouds created by massive volcanic explosions and changes in the tilt of earth relative to sun, that affect the average temperature of the earth. Earth’s climate is constantly changing and the rate of future climate change may be more rapid than at any time in last 10,000 years.

This climate change could bring opportunities as well as challenges, depending upon physical and socio-economic conditions. Challenges and opportunities presented by climate change are typical in nature. It impacts on lives, property, environmental quality and future prosperity by increasing the risk of natural calamities. So by this way, increased number of people would be at risk of danger and food security. Such conditions may lead to large-scale migrations and civil unrest. It is the high time that we start working on reducing the impact of climate change for sustainable development.  In order to check the impact of climate change and promote sustainability, every individual should take one step forward and start reusing, recycling and reducing their wants.

Some important measures could be as follows:

  • Extensive usage of renewable energy sources like Wind Power, Solar Power, Biomass Power, Small Hydro Power and Waste-To-Power to promote sustainability.
  • Plantation should be encouraged just not to add to the aesthetic value of the environment but to check global warming.
  • Encourage transfer of urban vehicular traffic from private automobiles to mass transit system not only to check air pollution but also to improve personal relations in the society.
  • Eco-friendly technologies like Biodegradable products, rain water harvesting systems etc should be encouraged by public.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

About the Author :

Saumya Tripathi is an Intern in Keep India Beautiful. She has done her B.Sc. (EVS) from MJPRU (Bareilly) and pursuing M.Sc. (EVS) from BBA University (Lucknow). Reading and writing about ecology and environment keeps her busy in her leisure time.

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