Community Participation

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Community Participation for Better Life Style & Jobs Creation at Community Level

It is the need of the time to Involve local citizens in local decisions that affect their future and life. Community’s Participation in development of local areas, creation of Jobs in local areas, effective use of community-participationnatural resources for development, maintaining Law and order, development of necessary infrastructure and maintaining peace and harmony cannot be challenged. However, it is apt at this stage to ponder if our present setup is truly empowering Citizens. Community participation methods need to be explored with the active involvement of Governments while implementing various projects.

It is the right time to give a fair understanding to the concept of Community Participation and how that can be achieved. Time has come out to use experience of past and frame a vision for future. Identification of broad range of issues is required along with deeper understanding of specifics. It is the time to understand whether present decision taking structure needs improvement by involving local community.

Understanding Community’s requirements and level of Engagement

Needless to say that to fix any problem one must first understand the problem. Now who could have better understanding of issues of a local community rather than these communities alone. Every community wants a peaceful existence, Good Law and Order environment, Development and Jobs, Prudent use of natural resources, Better infrastructure regarding Schools, Hospitals and Parks. Involving citizen for local development and issues will help bring a sense of ownership for local areas among citizen.

Communities should be encouraged:

  • To give view and opinions through a common local platform
  • To get effectively involved in Creation of Jobs at Local level
  • To get effectively involved in maintaining Law and Order at local level
  • To get effectively involved in development of necessary Infrastructure i.e. Distribution of Water including Rain Water Harvesting, provision of Landfills, Local Solar Power Plants, Schools and Hospitals etc.

It is important that decisions about how best to engage the community be made early in the planning stage of policy, program or service development. Involving stakeholders in the planning stage will help create a sense of ownership of the issue and enable clients, citizens, communities and government to work together.

About the Author :

Puneet Puri is a practicing Chartered Accountant from ICAI with more than 15 years of experience in Direct Tax matters with in-depth understanding of present tax policies. Founder of “Keep India Beautiful”, he believes that a Nation’s growth is closely correlated with its ecological health. He is well travelled and researching on issues related to ecology and healthy living keeps him busy in his spare time.

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