Slow disappearance of the good ol’ house sparrows

At a time when the wildlife enthusiasts are working round the corner to increase wildlife population; the decline of the ubiquitous house sparrows haven’t been noticed much. The Delhi state government had adopted sparrow as its state bird in 2012 and postal stamps were also released but very little improvement has been there since then.[…]

Plight of Manual Scavengers

With the help of most basic tools like buckets, brooms and baskets they manually clean, carry, dispose and handle human excreta from dry latrines and sewers. Since centuries, one particular community is performing this job and they are amongst the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in our country. India may be the world’s largest democracy[…]

Community Participation

Community Participation for Better Life Style & Jobs Creation at Community Level It is the need of the time to Involve local citizens in local decisions that affect their future and life. Community’s Participation in development of local areas, creation of Jobs in local areas, effective use of natural resources for development, maintaining Law and[…]