Punjab election questionnaire: Let’s claim our environmental rights

History of apathy of major political parties towards environment: In the past as India steadily faced environmental deterioration, ecological decline and depleting water reserves; the country’s main political parties campaigning for elections have all but ignored environmental issues which were utmost crucial to whole of India’s population and this omission has resulted in so many[…]

Era of e-waste disaster

As electronic products (computers, televisions, laptops, mobile phones, washing machines, TV etc.) end their useful life they are called as electronic waste (e-waste). Due to the relatively new issue of e-waste disposal, many countries – especially developing ones like India – do not yet have efficient system to dispose of the same. As a resultant[…]

Preserving the National Heritage

The Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Culture (Government of India) has been working in conjunction since 2002 to promote tourism among foreigners and put India on the world map of tourism. Apparently, the number of tourists has sharply increased since then (8.02 million tourists visited India in 2015). But the sorry state of the[…]

Do we care for Sustainable Climate?

“When the last TREE is cut, the last RIVER poisoned and the last FISH dead, we’ll discover that we can’t eat MONEY”  – Greenpeace The only permanent thing is change. Change is inevitable. The Earth is also not an exception. The change by climate change on earth is continuous change process. Climate change is a[…]